Magneto x Jacsen Kutik - PRESS RELEASE

Magneto x Jacsen Kutik - PRESS RELEASE

09/12/2023 - Carlsbad, CA

California-based skateboard brand Magneto Skateboards announces a new sponsorship of 15-year old professional skateboarder, Jacsen Kutik.  The east coast based rider has made a name for himself over the last few years and become one of the most well respected professional skaters in his age group, winning dozens of trophies in competitions across the United States. 

The new sponsorship means great things for both the rider and the company, with two pro model boards hitting the shelves of skate shops and big retailers worldwide.  It also means that Jacsen will become the face of the Magneto brand which has renewed it’s commitment to growing skateboarding from the youth level.  “We think Jacsen is an inspirational athlete and we’re proud to support him as a professional skateboarder,” said Magneto brand director Matt Stevens.  “We have worked hard to develop a lineup of boards designed and priced for young skaters, and we could not have dreamed of landing a better spokesman and role model to work with.”  


About Jacsen Kutik
Jacsen began skating at 4 years old when he passed by a skatepark on his way to sign up for dance lessons. His dad signed him up for skate lessons instead.  Jacsen jokes that we first started skateboarding the board was taller than him, but he worked to keep up with his classmates.   Through an obsessive dedication and love for the process, Jacsen quickly advanced to the front of the pack, often staying for 2 hours after his lessons to master new moves.  At 6 years old Jacsen competed in his first contest, beating out dozens of riders to win a 15 and under street skateboarding competition. That contest sparked a fire and started Jacsen on a 5 day a week training plan and traveling the east coast for competitions. At the age of 9 he became sponsored by New York based Bustin Boards company, a sponsorship that he will retain in conjunction with his new relationship with Magneto.  Over the years he trained relentlessly and became known as one of the most uniquely talented and creative up-and-coming skaters in the country.  Jacsen’s mantra is “Skate Everything” in every sense of the term and he is notorious for his ability to ride all types of boards and terrain.  Not only can he stack combinations together on the mini ramp when he’s practicing, he can turn on the heat when it’s contest time, racking up over 80 podium finishes from vert and street contests to slide jams and beyond. 

About Magneto Skateboards
Magneto hails from and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California which is believed by many to be the birthplace of skateboarding.  Around 1974 surfers in the area put roller skating wheels on chopped down surfboards and started carving down the hills that led to the beach.  A generation later, Magneto founders grew up riding these very same hills and have lived the lifestyle that formed around skateboarding.  Like so many, they felt the magnetism of skateboarding and of the culture, but oftentimes found themselves put off by the territorial nature of the core skateboard community.

They found it ironic that a community so intimately connected to its roots could be, at times, so non-inclusive to new riders just learning to skate (or wanting to learn).  As a result they decided that the magnetism of skateboarding is a force destined to welcome EVERYONE who wants to be a part of it, and began creating boards for new riders and reasonable price points.  Today Magneto produces and distributes boards of all types to riders around the world. 

The company envisions a world where skateboarding is approachable for people of any age and background and seeks to foster a community of riders who support and encourage each other, and welcome new riders who are just beginning their journey.  

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