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The Cruise Glider features the large 100mm wheels which allow the board to glide over anything in its path. The deck features a subtle reverse camber and a drop-through truck mount. This brings the deck a little closer to the ground which makes it easier for pushing. At 40 inches long and over 9 inches wide, the deck provides a great platform for those looking to cruise through a park or down a path.

If you like to go on long rides and want your board to coast and glide over the road the Cruise Glider is a great option for you.

This board includes a free skate tool.


Low Glider
Low Glider
Cruiser Glider Grip Tape
Cruise Glider
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Cruiser Glider Clear
Cruise Glider

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Magneto Low Glider Longboard

Large Wheels

Magneto Glider Longboard Large Wheels

The Glider longboards feature very large 100mm x 25mm urethane wheels. The large diameter and small contact patch of the wheels allow the boards to get over almost any terrain...rough roads, cracks, small rocks, sticks, tree debris, you name it. They also are very fast due to the wheel's large diameter and low rotational inertia. This allows the skater to get up to speed very quickly and maintain speed for a lot longer. In other words, you'll feel like you're coasting forever on these boards.

Benefits of the Gliders

These boards provide a new and totally different experience in longboarding! These boards feature 100mm x 25mm wheels which provide a unique surfy ride with a touch of drift while carving and can get over almost anything in their way. We found that these large wheels offer 3 very significant benefits.

Surf & Drift Riding Style

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The small contact patch of the wheels makes it feel like you're surfing on these boards. You can even get the back end to drift out subtle making it feel like you're carving up a glassy wave. The entire ride and performance is very unique and a lot of fun!

Smoother Ride

Butter Icon

The large diameter wheels allow these boards to get over almost anything in their way without you having to fear about getting bucked. If you have ever been thrown off your board because your wheel couldn't get over a small pebble you can now sleep peacefully!

Longer Coasts

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The rotational inertia of the wheel allows them to spin a lot longer than regular wheels. This means you'll get a lot more distance out of each push. The decks are designed to be closer to the ground so that longer rides become a total breeze.

  • Deck

    Bamboo & Maple
    40 x 9.25 inches
    Medium Stiff
  • Trucks

    Gravity Cast Aluminum
    7 inches
  • Wheels

    SHR - High Rebound Urethane
    100mm x 53mm
    Shore 78A

Do I need to buy grip tape for the deck?

What's the deal with the wheels? Why do they look so different?

Can I switch the wheels out for regular wheels?

Is this a good board for downhill riding?

What is the maximum weight rating for the board?

Do you get any wheel bite when making sharp turns?

What is the concave on the deck?

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