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Experience a unique ride with our new Glider Longboard Collection. Available in 3 different styles, each board features oversized wheels allowing you to ride smoother, longer, with a touch of drift and surf-style.

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3 Items

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It's all
in the wheels

These boards provide a new and totally different experience in longboarding! These boards feature 100mm x 25mm wheels which provide a unique surfy ride with a touch of drift while carving and can get over almost anything in their way. We found that these large wheels offer 3 very significant benefits.

Surf-Drift Style

Measuring in at a whopping 100 x 25 mm, these Glider wheels precent a small contact patch giving a subtle back-end drift that mimics carving up a glassy wave. You'll enjoy a fun and unique ride all-around.

Smooth Ride

Because of the large wheel diameter, you can ride over nearly anything that gets in your way. Fearlessly explore new paths without worrying about getting bucked off from cracks, twigs or other debris.

Longer Coasts

These boards get you more gliding distance out of every push. The rotational inertia of the wheel allows them to spin a lot longer than regular wheels, propelling you further with less effort.

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