Laguna Twin - 36 inch

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The 36" Twin Laguna longboard was designed as a cruiser board perfect for having a blast while commuting around town. This is a great option for a new skater looking to start cruising and the experienced rider looking to crush. The 28" wheelbase on the Laguna Twin is ideal for controlled tight carves and increased maneuverability. The deck is an 8 layer laminate with a hard maple core with beautiful light bamboo plies with dark stained racing stripes on the top and bottom.


The Laguna Collection is inspired by the white sand beaches of Laguna Beach in Southern California. All of the decks are made with a beautifully laminated light bamboo with dark racing stripes. Each deck is 36" long and best serves different styles of riding. 36 inches is on the shorter side for longboard decks, which makes the Laguna Collection perfect for commuting and getting around town. The simple, surf style, graphics on the top and bottom of the decks are burned into bamboo layers with a laser. Grip tape is replaced by a sand grit finish which shows off the beautiful bamboo while still providing enough grip for your feet. Take the beach wherever you go with any of the longboards in the Laguna Collection!

Magneto Laguna Longboard Collection


The Laguna Twin longboard is designed to be a nice blend between a cruiser and a freestyle board. The 28-inch wheelbase is the shortest of all the boards in the Laguna Collection. This makes the board super responsive for any rider looking for lively cruising or shredding hills and slopes. The cutout deck design removes any possibility for wheel bite while in the deepest of turns and carves. The deck is 9.5 inches wide which provides a wide platform for your feet while riding. The deck has a very subtle W-concave that is deep enough to lock your feet into but not too deep to be uncomfortable while cruising. If you're new to longboarding and looking for a versatile starter, that is great for getting around town, this is the board for you!

Magneto Laguna Twin Longboard
  • Deck

    Bamboo & Maple
    36 x 9.5 inches
  • Trucks

    Gravity Cast Aluminum
    7 inches
    SHR - Medium Stiffness
  • Wheels

    SHR - High Rebound Urethane
    70mm x 53mm
    Shore 78A

Do I need to buy grip tape for the deck?

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Do you get any wheel bite when making sharp turns?

What is the concave on the deck?

How thick is the deck and how many plies does it have?

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