Magneto Joins the Beyond the Board Tour

Magneto Joins

We are excited to announce that Magneto will be joining in on the fun for the Beyond the Board tour! Beyond the Board is a skate tour hosted by Brandon DesJarlais and Brooke Johnson to film and host longboard events that empower people with confidence and community that go #BeyondTheBoard.

Support the Tour

We at Magneto believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of skating. We are joining the Beyond The Board Tour this year as the lead sponsor of their free lessons to help spread the stoke. As a brand that loves to support new riders we couldn’t think of a better partner to empower all who are interested in trying this sport.

If you've joined the tour and are now looking to purchase a board for yourself, enter your email below to get 15% off your first order. Part of the proceeds from your first order will also support the tour!

More About the Tour

Earlier this year @itsbrookejohnson and @desgnarlais were hosting free longboard dancing lessons in Santa Monica. It started as a small passion project with only a few participants, but soon grew to around 50+ people per week.

They quickly realized that there are countless people out there wanting to try longboarding that are often too intimidated by their fears to give it a try. Fear of hurting themselves. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of feeling out of place.

By partnering with Magneto to offer free rental gear and developing a culture that focused on small wins and encouragement, they lowered the barrier to entry and made learning how to longboard more accessible.

Make sure you’re following @GoingBeyondTheBoard for updates, and send them a message if you’d like to get involved.

Brandon DesJarlais
Brooke Johnson
Caden Weatherly

Boards On Tour

These are some of the boards that you saw out on tour! If you attended one of the Beyond the Board clinics you probably have seen these in action...