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Bamboo Dancer Longboard (Deck Only)

Bamboo Dancer Longboard (Deck Only)

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Dance Party!!! This 46" bamboo/fiberglass blend is perfect to shake your groove thang out on the road. The deck is flexible yet sturdy enough for any dance move you can throw at it. The deck also features twin kicktails for shove-its, manuals, and flip tricks if you so desire. DECK ONLY.

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Bamboo Dancer Longboard
Bamboo Dancer Longboard (Deck Only)
Deck Only

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Deck Graphics

The deck features a sick custom graphic that is same regardless of which way you're looking at the board. Check it out!

Magneto Dancing Longboard Deck Graphics

Board/Deck Material

The difference between a good board and a great board comes down to the deck. The bamboo and fiberglass used in this deck make it one of the best dancing boards on the market! The 3 plies of bamboo give the deck great flexibility while the fiberglass reinforces the deck to add strength and durability. This makes the deck stong and responsive to every move you throw its way. On top of the technical benefits, the bamboo really takes the style of this board to another level.

Board Flex

A decks flexibility has a huge impact on a boards feel and performance while cruising and dancing. Too stiff and the board feels rigid and harsh. Too soft and the board will feel like you're riding a pool noodle. The right amount of flex results in a ride that feels lively and responsive. This deck feels like it is pushing you out of your turns and carves, allowing you to maintain speed with little effort. The flexibility of this board is truly something to brag about!

Deck Shape

The bamboo dancer shape features a super shallow concave which makes it a great platform to dance on! It flat top also make for a really comfortable ride under your feet. The shape also has a subtle arched camber which adds to the lively feel this board has while dancing and turning. The twin kicktails are a must for the advanced rider looking to shove-it, manual and flip trick. The deck is top mounted to maximize the dancing stage ontop of the deck.


  • Deck

    Bamboo & Fiberglass
    46 x 9.5 inches
    Medium Firm
  • Trucks

    Gravity Cast Aluminum
    7 inches
    SHR - Medium Stiffness
  • Wheels

    SHR - High Rebound Urethane
    70mm x 53mm
    Shore 78A


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