Carbon Fiber Downhill

Carbon Fiber Downhill

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Carbon Fiber Downhill

Carbon Fiber Downhill

Regular price $179.99
Regular price Sale price $179.99
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We've completely revamped the build of this high tech deck. We scrapped the bamboo and fiberglass for a stiffer and more durable maple. We also moved the carbon fiber from the top of the deck to the bottom of the deck. This makes the deck even stiffer and more responsive than ever before. The icing on the cake is that the carbon fiber layer on the bottom of the deck looks amazing! This board includes a free skate tool.

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  • Material Carbon Fiber & Maple
  • Dimensions 37 x 10 inches
  • Flex Stiff


  • Material Gravity Cast Aluminum
  • Width 7 inches
  • Bushings SHR - Medium Stiffness


  • Material SHR - High Rebound Urethane
  • Size 70mm x 53mm
  • Hardness Shore 78A

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The Carbon Fiber Downhill board sets itself apart with the high quality materials used in the composite layup. The deck is made with a 3K carbon fiber weave and maple which results in an extremely efficient overall strength to weight ratio. The natural damping characteristics of the carbon fiber really helps to reduce road noise and vibrations.

So what does that of that really mean? It really boils down to 2 things. First, the Carbon Fiber Downhill Board is extremely stable at any speed allowing you to push the limits of your bravado. Second, the ride is super smooth and comfortable allowing you to ride all day without having to worry about your feet falling asleep from the road vibrations.


The deck features a very unique W-Concavity with 2 "channels" running along the length of the deck. There is a subtle hump in between the channels which conforms to the arch in your foot. This allows you to really lock your feet into the deck while bombing hills. The W-Concavity also naturally stiffens the deck which makes for a super stable ride.

When used correctly, a W-Concave deck is ideal for fast aggressive riding. Because your feet naturally lock onto the top, it is a lot easier to apply lateral force on the deck making sliding and drifting a breeze. The concavity also make it really easy to know where your feet are on the deck at all times, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without having to look down at your feet.

Recessed Truck Mounts

The deck is top mounted to the deck in designed flat recesses that effectively lower your center of gravity while riding. This increases sliding performance by more effectively translating lateral forces into sliding shear under the contact patch of the wheels. The recesses are designed to be parallel to the ground plane which ensures you retain the turning performance of your trucks. This is extremely important because if the kingpin angle gets too high turning becomes extremely sensitive and creates instabilities at high speeds.

Grip Tape

The grip tape is a medium grade that features a cut out of the Magneto logo. The high quality 3K carbon fiber weave can be seen through this cut out giving the board a cool and unique look.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to reach out!

Q: Is this board really made of carbon fiber?

Absolutely! The board not only is made of carbon fiber, it also has maple laminated into the deck.

Q: Is this a good board for downhill riding?

Simple answer: YES! This is our best option for downhill riding. The deck is uniquely designed to be very stable at high speeds.

Q: What Is the maximum weight rating for the board?

275 lbs

Q: How much does the board weigh?

The board weights about 7 lbs.

Q: Do you get any wheel bite when making sharp turns?

Not at all. The deck is designed with wheel wells to ensure enough clearance while turning.

Q: What is the concave on the deck?

The deck is designed with a very unique W-Concavity which creates several ways to lock your feet into the deck while booming hills. The concavity also makes it really easy to know where your feet are on the board without having to look down.

Q: How fast does the board go?

That totally depends on who is riding it and how brave they are feeling...we've seen people get it above 45mph easily!

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