Slot Machine Longboard

Slot Machine Longboard

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Slot Machine Longboard

Slot Machine Longboard

Regular price $129.99
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We've updated the cut-through on the Slot Machine using our new Patent Pending deck design with a slot in the middle of the deck!

The slot is designed to isolate each side of the deck while turning resulting in incredible carving and pumping performance. You can actually feel the deck conform to the turns under your feet. The complete also comes stock with our Slicks race bearings for added performance.

This board includes a free skate tool.

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  • 30-day returns
  • Designed in CA



  • Material Bamboo Maple Fiberglass
  • Dimensions 40 x 9 inches
  • Flex Medium


  • Material Gravity Cast Aluminum
  • Width 7 inches
  • Bushings SHR - Medium Stiffness


  • Material SHR - High Rebound Urethane
  • Size 70mm x 51mm
  • Hardness Shore 78A

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Slot Technology

The Slot Machine features a patent-pending slot that is cut through the entire thickness of the deck. The slot is a half-inch wide and runs the entire length of the board. We spent months of R&D on this new technology to perfect the dimensions of the slot. See for yourself how well it turned out!

  • Improved Turning

    You can carve harder and turn sharper than ever before! This is because while turning or carving the inside part of the deck naturally bends more than the outside part of the deck.

  • Better Foot Traction

    Your feet will allways stay firmly connected to the deck while carving and turning. This happens because each side of the deck is a slightly different height while turning.

  • Stable Pushing

    When pushing on the slot machine each side of the deck bends slightly inward. The concave of it slightly changes while pushing and goes back to normal when riding. Pretty sweet!

Triaxial Fiberglass

To maintain the strength and durability of the deck we used a layer of triaxial fiberglass as the bottom ply of the deck. This will make deck is super strong, it can withhold all the independent loads on each side of the deck due to the slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to reach out!

Q: Do I Need To Buy Grip Tape For The Deck?

Nope! The board comes with a two tone grip tape that provides maximum grip and a stylish look.

Q: Is This A Good Board For Downhill Riding?

This board is designed for carving and cruising. You can certainly bomb hills with it but our Carbon Fiber Downhill board is much better suited for that style of riding.

Q: What Is The Maximum Weight Rating For The Board?

275 lbs

Q: How Much Does The Board Weigh?

The board weights about 8 lbs.

Q: Do You Get Any Wheel Bite When Making Sharp Turns?

Not at all. The deck is designed with wheel cut outs to prevent any potential wheel bite.

Q: What is the concave on the deck?

The deck has a very subtle radial concave for ultimate comfort under your feet. It also features a mellow camber which combines nicely with the soft flex of the deck for a nice smooth ride.

Q: How Thick Is The Deck And How Many Plies Does It Have?

The deck is 11 mm thick and composed of 5 plies of hard maple in the core and 2 plies of bamboo on the top and bottom. There is also a layer of triaxial fiberglass on the bottom of the deck.

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