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Designed to compete with the best at a fraction of the price! The Revolution Electric Skateboard is all about performance. Every piece of the design was highly scrutinized. If it didn't make the board better, it didn't make the cut. Reach speeds up to 20 mph over 12 miles and fly up 15% grades with ease.

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Imagine waking up every morning itching to get on the road and start your commute. How would it feel to show up to work everyday with a huge smile on your face? The Revolution Electric Skateboard is the reality to that dream. Its compact design, powerful motors and long lasting battery allow you to get wherever you need to go quickly, cheaply and sustainably all while having a blast! Never again be stuck in traffic sucking down fumes from the car in front of you. Start showing up to work earlier by skipping the frustrating wait for the bus or train. Reward yourself every month with the extra cash you’re not spending on gas and transportation costs.


Public transportation is becoming ever more important in our modern society. The biggest pitfall to taking the bus or train is that you seemingly never get dropped off exactly where you need to be. Close, but not quite there yet...this conundrum is referred to as the last mile by transportation experts. Being able to bring a reliable and portable form of transportation with you for that last mile is the key to making public transportation way more practical. Enter the Revolution Electric Skateboard...

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downhill braking system


The regenerative braking system on the Revolution board turns downhill commutes from death defying acts of bravery into highly controlled and stable cruises. Unlike other boards on the market, the Revolution’s braking system is not a reverse, making it safe and smooth from top speed down to a complete stop.


With their combined 700 Watts of power, the dual hub motors allow you to fly up hills that you’d normally hike up. The dual hub motors also produce a tremendous amount of torque which means you can climb up to 15% grades without a sweat.

motor up steep grades
motor up steep grades


With their combined 700 Watts of power, the dual hub motors allow you to fly up hills that you’d normally hike up. The dual hub motors also produce a tremendous amount of torque which means you can climb up to 15% grades without a sweat.

fly past traffic


Traffic is a nightmare, always has been, always will be. You’ll never get stuck in it again with the Revolution under your feet. Leave traffic in the dust with the high capacity lithium ion battery which can take you up to 12 miles in range on a single charge.


The Revolution electric longboard is nothing short of thrilling! Heads will turn and jaws will drop, the only question is...will you be the one riding when they do?

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  • Lithium Ion Battery

    At full charge, the high capacity lithium ion battery has a range of up to 12 miles.

  • Splash Proof

    The combination of the hub motors and a heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum housing protects against wet roads.

  • Stomp Pad

    The Stomp Pad grip tape design is inspired by a surf traction pad to keep you on the board while riding.

  • Dual Hub Motors

    700 Watts of power coming out of the dual hub motors under your feet is nothing short of thrilling!

  • Powerful Brakes

    With great power comes great this case a well designed electric braking system to keep you safe.

  • Wireless Remote

    The wireless RF remote allows you to control the board in any riding position you can imagine.

Dual hub motors replace the rear wheels


Why hub motors? Simply put, belt systems suck. The belts wear out way too easily and require overly complication gearing systems that can break down. The hub motors are unique because they completely replace the wheel, simplifying the entire powertrain. Our motors pump out 700 Watts of power to the ground allowing you to easily reach the legal limit of 20 mph. The massive amount of torque that these motors can generate makes for thrilling accelerations and smooth hill climbs up to a 15% grade. On a full charge, you’ll be able to reach top speed in under 4.2 secs. Because the hub motors are brushless DC motors, they are extremely efficient. This means more energy from the battery is converted into travel distance. The Revolution will carry you up to 12 miles on a single charge! Don’t be caught riding inferior technology...


Smart ESC motor controller to convert electricity into speed

The Revolution is equipped with a smart ESC (electronic speed controller) which is the "brains" of the entire powertrain. The dual brushless DC motors require complex high frequency electronic signals to operate properly. The smart ESC converts the simple DC current from the lithium ion battery into these complex power signals. The Revolution’s smooth braking system is also controlled by the smart ESC.

Smart ESC motor controller to convert electricity into speed


The lithium ion battery in the Revolution board is massive. Twenty high quality LG cells configured in a 10S2P design which equates to an impressive capacity of 5.3Ah and delivers a full throttle range of up to 12 miles. The battery is also equipped with several safety guards that ensure the battery will never overheat or be overcharged.



The deck is the most important part of any skateboard. There are several things you can do with a longboard all of which require different decks to do so. Cruiser decks are highly flexible and bouncy which while fun at low speeds, can turn dangerous and unstable at high speeds. The deck on the Revolution board is designed with the highest quality materials to handle the unique load requirements of an electric longboard. The deck is extremely stable for top end speeds yet still responsive for carving fun.

Top of the Revolution Electric Skateboard
Bottom of the Revolution Electric Skateboard


The Revolution’s deck is designed with 7 layers of high quality Canadian Maple that is reinforced with a 3K carbon fiber laminate. The maple top ensure the proper feel and responsiveness of a traditional longboard while the carbon fiber adds strength and stiffness required to handle the increased loads of the electrical components.


Brakes are often overlooked when designing motorized vehicles. Designers become consumed by power and speed and completely disregard the extreme importance of a properly designed braking system. The dual hub motors make the Revolution board fast and fun while our braking system makes it safe and functional. Trust us, you don’t want to ride this thing without a well designed braking system!

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