Kids Skate Helmet (Matte Gray)

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The Magneto Kids Skate Helmet is sized and designed specifically for kids. Made with a strong ABS shell and backed with a shock absorbing EPS core, the helmet is impact resistant and safety certified specifically for skateboarding according to the ASTM 1492-15 safety standard. An adjustable dial in the back ensures a secure fit for fast growing kids which allows the helmet to last longer. We've added some removable soft foam lining to make the helmet comfortable and easy to wear. The helmet also features vent holes in the top, front and back to keep things cool on hot summer days. This helmet fits head circumference 20"-21.75" and the recommended ages are 4-9.


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Magneto Kids Skateboarding Helmets

Safety First

Make sure you're staying safe by wearing a helmet while skating. Safety certified according to ASTM standards, our helmets are designed with several features that make skating safer and more fun.

Magneto Kids Skateboarding Helmets Close Up Inside
ABS Shell Icon
ABS Shell

The strong ABS outer shell of the helmet provides protection from scrapes and punctures.

EPS Foam Core Icon
EPS Foam Core

The tough EPS foam core is the main shock absorber and protector against impacts to the helmet.

Soft Foam Lining Icon
Soft Foam Lining

The trick to helmets is to wear one. The soft foam lining makes our helmets comfortable and easy to wear.

Adjustable Dial Technology

One of the major issue with kids helmets is how fast kids grow! A parent might have to purchase 2-3 different sizes in a growth spurt year. We've solved this problem with adjustable dial technology. Located in the back of the helmet, this dial can be twisted to cinch down and secure the helmet in place. This not only keeps the helmet secure and in place, it also allows for size adjustments letting this helmet last through those growth spurts.

Adjustable Dial Technology on Magneto Kids Skate Helmets

Saftey Informaton

ASTM Certification for ASTM 1492-15

This helmet is designed to protect the head and minimize the occurrence of head injuries to the user. The helmet complies with ASTM F1492-15 for skateboarding, longboarding and roller skating. Not for motor vehicle use! Refer to the user manual before using the helmet.

No helmet can protect the user against all possible impacts or head injuries even if used correctly. For maximum head protection the helmet must be a good fit and securely fastened.

Under no circumstances should the helmet be modified in any way. No attachments should be made to the helmet. A helmet is not a substitute for adult supervision.

Replace your helmet after a crash, hard knock/ impact, if it is badly scratched, worn out, if it does not fit correctly, or after a period of 3 YEARS of use.

Use of paints, solvent, bleaches or strong detergents may cause damage to the helmet and greatly reduce its ability to protect against head injuries. Clean with a soft cloth and water only. Do not store the helmet in direct heat or sunlight.

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