Tesla Downhill Longboard

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The most versatile board in our line up...bomb hills, massive carves or simply get from point A to point B. The board features a deep concavity for ultimate control and stability as well as high angle trucks for a tight turning radius.

The Tesla board is design with a deep concave, aggressive wheel flares and an ample kick tail making it one of the best all-around boards on the market. Throw in a pair of high angle longboard trucks and high rebound urethane wheels and be prepared to be amazed. This board checks all of the boxes and should be taken as seriously as it looks!


The Tesla is designed with a deep radial concavity that pushes the 100% Canadian Maple deck to its limits making it nearly impossible for foot slip. The deep concave also makes the bard extremely responsive to your needs. Pumping, craving or any turn is made easier with this concave design. While designed for maximum performance while riding, the deck also allows for easy peddling and general skating.

Wheel Flares

The Tesla mold features aggressive wheel flares on both ends of the board. Be extremely confident in your deepest carves, knowing that wheel grab is not going to toss you. The flares provide a great reference for your feet so you can lock onto the top of the deck and focus on your ride without taking your eyes off the prize. Along with the deep concave, the wheel flares increase the stiffness of the board which promotes stability and control.


For icing on top of the cake, the Tesla board also features an ample kick tail. Designed for maximum side to side maneuverability, it can also be used for freestyle tricks and manuals. Use it for quick kick tail turns, getting over deep cracks, and even stopping. The kick tail makes the Tesla our most versatile board in our line up.

High Angle Trucks

The Tesla build comes standard with high angle 7" gravity cast aluminum trucks. Designed for one purpose, quick tight turns allowing you to leave shredded concrete in your wake. The steep angle of the reverse kingpin translates side to side lean into extreme sharp cornering. Sharp, responsive cornering guaranteed to please.


Everything that makes the Tesla awesome rides on the wheels. The wheels are so grippy that they are often confused for being made of pine tar. Get used to the scratching your head in amazement wondering how on earth you didn't eat it. These wheels are the real deal!

  • Deck

    Canadian Maple
    35 x 9 inches
    Extra Stiff
  • Trucks

    Gravity Cast Aluminum
    7 inches
    Medium Stiffness
  • Wheels

    High Rebound Urethane
    70mm x 53mm
    Shore 78A
+What is the best use of this board?
This is a great all around board. The short length and ample kicktail make it extremely versatile and maneuverable while the stiff deck makes it extremely stable at high speeds. The deep concave of the deck also makes it perfect for carving.
+ Is this a good board for downhill riding?
This board is great for so many things, including booming hills.
+ What is the maximum weight rating for the board?
300 lbs
+ How much does the board weigh?
The board weights about 7 lbs.
+ Do you get any wheel carving and making sharp turns?
Not at all. The deck is designed with wheel flares that ensure the wheels won't bite in a sharp turn or carve.
+ What is the concave on the deck?
The deck has a very deep radial concave. This makes it highly maneuverable while carving and cruising around on the flats.
+ How many plies does the deck have?
The deck is made of 8 plies of hard hard Canadian Maple which makes the board super stiff and durable.
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