Why I Skate: Andy

Why I Skate: Andy

The longboard skateboard’s design is magnificent when it comes to riding it. The shape, flexibility, and soft wheels make it comfortable and easy to ride. When you want to go for longer trips, the longboard surely can handle it. Cruising on a longboard is just as tricky as a skateboard. There are pros and cons to it. For sure there will be a lot of tripping and falling related but in terms of transportation and long trips, it’s a beautiful way to explore and enjoy the views in your neighborhood. Just like a skateboard, a longboard is not only for cruising around but you can also perform tricks like spinning, stepping, and more. There’s a whole lot more about longboarding than just cruising.

The longboard is very versatile and can withstand rocks and twigs, unlike skateboards that can send you flying if you run into one. Just like a bicycle, a longboard is a friendly urban means of transportation. While for others, it’s a means of exercise just cruising around town, while for others it’s a way to express themselves and to enjoy what life has to offer. 

Riding a longboard requires discipline, patience, and stability. Everything is slower and gentler, focusing more on the stances and movements. Just like a skateboard, it takes time for a person to be well versed in riding one. But if you have the confidence and dedication, and they will not give up, you can enjoy the pros of a longboard skateboard.

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