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Our Story

Welcome to Magneto, we're glad you're here! Read on to learn a little bit about us.

Our Craft

The story of Magneto begins with curiosity. Our team is constantly striving to develop the highest quality products ,with game-changing technologies, at a price that lets everyone enjoy skating as much as we do. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or this is your first time on a board, we have an option for you. Our boards are designed for form and function with a keen eye on aesthetics, making sure you are cool and comfortable while you cruise. We take pride in making each Magneto board a source of enjoyment, inspiration, and good old fashioned movement, turning your boredom into boardom, get it?

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Magneto family
Our Spot
Life's Rad in Carlsbad

All of our products are designed right here in Carlsbad, California, a sunny sanctuary with a legacy for skate and surf culture located in northern San Diego County. To our skate and surf comrades, we salute you! Around here, we spend as much time as we can outside soaking up the rays whether on foot, on wheels or on a board. We spend a lot of time in the local community and we care about being positive influences to those around us. We’re a company that eats lunch together every day (these days at a 6ft social distance) and, of course, as San Diego does, we love a good craft beer.

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Our Family

We’re not just about skating, our parent company has over 50 years of experience in product development. We've designed everything from airplanes to golf clubs to the boards you’re checking out now. There’s a lot of brain power walking around this building. We started this company because we truly believe that our technology will be a disrupter in the skate and transportation industries for years to come.

The Gram
Magneto family
Our Promise
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Aside from bringing you rad products that perform, customer service is at the top of our priority list. If you are ever unhappy with any part of your experience, or if you’re stoked with something we’ve done, please let us know so we can either make it right or thank you for being a part of our Magneto fam.

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