Why I Skate: Brooke Johnson

Why I Skate: Brooke Johnson

The "Why I Skate" campaign features a diverse group of people discussing why they started skating. These videos serve as an inspiration for anyone who might be considering taking up the sport for the first time or for anyone who always wanted to get back onto their board and ride.

Brooke Johnson, a professional longboarder, shares her experience about how longboarding helped her escape judgment and gain confidence.  She believes that longboarding is among the most empowering sports because of the community and its perseverance culture. She encourages us to pick up a longboard and try to skate for the first time because no matter how old we are, where we come from, or what people say, skateboarding/longboarding is for everyone! Honestly, picking up a board and trying to longboard for the first time can be terrifying; there will be a lot of falls and tumbles. But as long as you enjoy and keep practicing how to longboard, it will be a good payoff. Longboarding is truly a wonderful sport, it keeps you healthy and teaches you how to be resilient, but most importantly, it's a great way to make friends and be a part of a community. It may be an extreme sport, and you need a lot of training. Plus, longboarding is a form of art and lifestyle. 

Watch her full video below as she goes into full detail sharing her experience longboarding, and be sure to take advantage of our current promotion. Make any purchase over $90 and receive a free micro board, use discount code BROOKE.


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