Why I Skate: Nick Broms

Why I Skate: Nick Broms

Skateboarding is a popular sport with a committed following. The activity combines exercise and art. A unique combination of exploration, community, challenge, and freedom. It’s a way to release their stress, while others feel free and can express their emotions more while skating, but more importantly skateboarding improves your coordination with your eye, hand, leg, and feet which focus more on movements to be able to skate smoothly.

Boarding also offers intellectual benefits. Practicing new tricks is a great way to learn creativity, perseverance, and resilience to failure. Often, skateboarders and longboarders will attempt a single maneuver hundreds of times before it is landed.

For some people skateboarding is their passion in life while for others they skate professionally competing in tournaments or competitions, mastering their skills to do tricks and flips. For others, freedom is the reason why they got hooked on skateboarding/longboarding, the feeling of just cruising around the road, riding it smoothly, the feeling of the cool breeze and fresh air helping ease the problems that you have and the feeling of freedom is the freeing feeling.

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