How To Select The Right Board

To start, let's think about where you'll be riding in order to decide between a 'skateboard' or a 'cruiser board'. Skateboards are designed primarily for skateparks and doing tricks, while cruiser boards are better suited for casual cruising or commuting around town or by the beach. So, if you’re kiddo is a fearless trickster, think about a skateboard. If riding around town or pushing to school is more their speed, then a cruiser may be more appropriate.

  • Skateboards

    If you want to be able to go to the skatepark, do tricks or ride a mini ramp, you’re going to want a more classic shaped skateboard.

  • Cruiser Boards

    If you are mostly planning to ride around around town, you are probably going to want a cruiser board that is wide and has big, soft wheels.

Kids Skateboards

These skateboards are specifically designed for kids and teens looking for their first board. The deck is made from rock hard maple with a shallow concave for added comfort while skating. The board comes complete with no assembly required.

Mini Cruisers

These cruiser skateboards are designed with the everyday skater in mind. The mini cruiser is great for commutes, skating around campus or the neighborhood. The double kicktails allow for light tricking as well.