Kids Safety Tips

Keeping our young ones safe during their skateboarding journey is a top priority. That is why we highly recommend safety gear for young and old riders alike. When your child feels safe on his or her board it is easier for them to have fun and get better at skating! Here's some proper safety gear to consider:

Kid's Skateboard Helmets

A proper skateboard helmet is a must. Skateboard helmets go down further in the back to guard the back of your head. Magneto skate helmets are designed specifically for kids! Designed with strong and durable materials to pass the ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Make sure to measure the circumference of your child's head to make sure these will fit! These helmets are designed for 20"-21.75" head sizes.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Every young skateboarder should where elbow and knee pads to protect themselves from falls. Elbow and knee pads reduce the severity of scrapes, gravel burns, and cuts from falling. Most of all, pads help a young rider feel confident and less afraid while they tackle the challenge of skating.

Wrist Guards

When a rider falls, they usually try to stop themselves with their hands. The impact can hurt your wrists, which have very small bones. To protect yourself, you’ll want wrist guards. These help protect your wrist joints, bones, and skin.

Proper skate shoes

A good pair of skate shoes can protect your feet when you are skateboarding. Skateboarding can put a lot of strain on your feet, so it is important to have a shoe that will provide proper support, cushioning and durability. Skate-specific shoes are also designed to for maximum 'board feel' which helps the rider feel the contours of the skateboard under their feet as they learn to control it.