Longboarding Styles

Longboarding has evolved a lot since it first comes on the scene in the 50's and 60's. There is now a broad range of different styles and disciplines in the sport which ensures there something for everyone. If you're looking to just relax and enjoy being outside or you're trying to push your limits and get your heart pumping and everything in-between, longboarding has something to offer. When reading through this list, you might even find that you're interested in multiple styles. You can take all of your interests and create a style all your own. Styles and disciplines are just labels that help you open your eyes to what's currently possible. In the end, these styles and disciplines don't matter...what you do in longboarding is what matters.

Below, you'll find a list of some of the most popular styles and disciplines of longboarding. Each style has a table with our recommended specs for your board. The only right answer in choosing a deck is to select one that you're happy with. Our recommendations come from our experience as longboarders and the continuous feedback we get from other skaters who live to longboard.


Cruising is the most laid back, easy going, style of riding a longboard. It's all about riding around enjoying yourself being outside, and feeling the wind in your hair. It's a great way to relax and clear your head. Typically cruisers come in two varieties, cruisers for long smooth rides with the occasional carve and mini cruisers for spicing up a little bit with sharper turns and carves.

Suggested Specs

Cruiser Mini Cruiser
Shape Pintail or Cutout Mini Cruiser
Concave Whatever is Comfortable Whatever is Comfortable
Truck Mount Drop Through Top Mount
Length 38 - 44" Less than 30"
Wheelbase Wider the Better 15 - 20"
Flexibility Softer Medium


This is not for the faint of heart, thrill seekers only! Riders often position themselves in an aerodynamic tuck to reduce drag and reach crazy speeds down steep hills. Riding at high speeds comes with a lot of risk and can get your heart pounding with adrenaline. Stability is the name of the game in downhill. The more stable your ride the more control you'll have and faster you'll go.

Suggested Specs

Downhill Board
Shape Directional or Cut Out
Concave W-Concave or Progressive
Truck Mount Top Mount
Length 35 - 40"
Wheelbase Wider the Better
Flexibility Stiff


This style of riding is all about those smooth, zig-zag movements back and forth across a street’s width making quick, sharp turns that look like the shape of an S. It is one of the easiest and most practical styles to learn but you’ll need the right type of board to do it. You want a carving longboard to have a low concave, you see this looking down the width/long side of the board and a high camber, you see this looking from the side of the board, where the middle of the board is higher than the 2 ends. The camber gives the board a bit of bounce allowing you to push and direct more freely.

Suggested specs

Carving Board
Shape Directional or Cut Out
Concave W-Concave or Progressive
Truck Mount Doesn't Matter
Length 35 - 40"
Wheelbase 26 - 31"
Flexibility Soft to Medium

Dancing & Free Style

These styles allow for your artistic and creative side. The styles are similar in their creativity but different in their execution. Dancing literally means that the rider is dancing along the deck, typically over flat and open ground. Moves are typically very fluid and smooth. Free Style incorporates more speed and tricks. Wheel slides, flip tricks and grabs are all very common in Free Style.

Suggested Specs

Dancing Free Style
Shape Dance Cut Out
Concave Shallow or Flat Progressive or W-Concave
Truck Mount Top Mount Drop Through
Length 44 - 48" 38 - 44"
Wheelbase 30 - 35" 32 - 36"
Flexibility Medium Medium